A former Englewood Police officer has been found guilty of abuse of public records and false reporting to authorities in the investigation surrounding a deadly crash that happened in January of last year.

Megan Feebeck was fired from her job in Englewood in July 2016 and has been on trial in Arapahoe County for the incident this week. She was found guilty Friday and sentenced to 50 hours of community service through Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

She must also pay fines and other court-related costs.

“Being a law enforcement officer in this community comes with great authority, great honor, and great responsibility. Feebeck rejected that when she lied about her failure to properly conduct her investigation,” District Attorney George Brauchler said. “It is important that the public know that we will hold accountable those who violate our laws, whether they are police or plumbers, politicians or preachers. Nobody is above the law.”

Feebeck was one of five Englewood officers who responded to a crash in the early morning hours of Jan. 17, 2016. Five people were taken to the hospital and one of them succumbed to their injuries a month later.

Prosecutors say Feebeck was the primary investigator assigned to the crash and went to the hospital to investigate the extent of the injuries. According to court testimony, when Feebeck was at the hospital, she didn’t check on each of the patients and didn’t speak with medical personnel to determine if there was serious bodily injury.

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One Englewood Police detective testified that Feebeck told him she went to the hospital but couldn’t find any doctors or nurses to talk to and left.

When the case was reopened as a death investigation, prosecutors say key pieces of the investigation done by Feebeck and others came into question – including whether it was alcohol-related.

When Feebeck was asked for supplemental reports about the case, prosecutors say she said she went to each patient’s room and spoke to each nurse to confirm no one was seriously injured.

One of the officers who testified said he spoke with Feebeck and mentioned “several times” to look into DUI suspicions and find out the level of injuries.

“She told me that there was no SBI on any of the patients,” Officer Scott Allen said, but added that looking back at it, the injuries were serious.