A Weld County jury has found a grandmother guilty of killing her four-month-old grandson.

According to a release from the Weld County District Attorney's Office, 54-year-old Sandy Archuleta was asked to babysit Donovan Archuleta for her daughter in 2015 and that over the next week, he was "pinched, bruised, broken and burned."

The DA says medical records show Donovan had chemical burns on his face, mouth, and gums, a sepsis infection from pneumonia, and red bruises caused by pinching from tweezers. He also had broken ribs, which examiners said were not caused by CPR.

The release adds that when Angelica Chavez, Donovan's mother, returned home, she ignored the warning signs and failed to get help. He later died from his injuries at Children's Hospital in Aurora.

Chavez is serving an eight-year prison sentence for her role in Donovan's death.

Donovan's father, Roberto "Nathan" Archuleta, also faces charges.

Archuleta faces up to 48 years in prison when she's sentenced in January.