DENVER- Of the 51 homicides that have happened in Denver this year only eight of them were gang-related. Compare that to the 21 gang-related deaths at this time last year.

This year, domestic violence deaths are concerning police and social workers.

Statistics show one in three women over the course of their lifetime will experience domestic violence,” said Margaret Abrams, Executive Director of the Rose Andom Center.

The new center houses most of the services victims of domestic violence will ever need when they finally seek help.

“There certainly can be a lot of embarrassment in reaching out for help and identifying that you're experiencing some sort of abuse or violence,” said Abrams. “But there also can be a lot of fear. In many abusive relationships there's a lot of threats about, 'if you ever tell anybody about what's occurring it'll only be worse.'”

Since opening, the center has served hundreds of women and children. That’s work that will seemingly never end. Of the 51 homicides in Denver this year 10 were because of domestic violence.

Last year there was only one domestic violence murder in Denver.

“We are also hearing from a number of family members or friends or coworkers who are worried about someone they care about,” said Abrams.

Abuse is a ticking time bomb. Which is why Abrams and the Denver Police Department, in the wake of these too many deaths, are asking that if you see something, say something.