As part of a nationwide sting dubbed Operation ‘Safe City’ that netted 498 arrests, ICE announced Thursday afternoon that 63 people were taken into custody in Denver.

Denver had the third most arrests of the cities involved in the four-day operation. Only Philadelphia with 107 and Los Angeles with 101 had more.

According to a news release from ICE, 54 of the people arrested had prior criminal convictions; the other nine did not.

ICE says the operation “targeted individuals who have violated U.S. immigration laws, prioritizing aliens with illegal convictions, pending criminal charges, known gang members and affiliates, immigration fugitives and those who re-entered the U.S. after deportation.”

People who have active DACA were not targeted, ICE said.

A news release highlighted seven Denver cases, but did not explain the circumstances surrounding the arrest of the nine people who ICE said do not have a criminal record.

One of the arrests involved a man who had been convicted of assault multiple times, well as felony theft. Another man, identified as only a 46-year-old from Guatemala, had been convicted of six DUIs and child abuse, but was released from local custody before ICE could do anything.

Two other suspects had convictions for sexual assault on a child.

Another case dealt with a 58-year-old Mexican citizen and known gang member who illegally entered the U.S. in 1976 and who had multiple criminal convictions.

ICE says they lodged an immigration detainer against him after he was arrested for failure to appear, but it was not honored by the Denver County Jail, which let him go.

Afterward, he was convicted of DUI and vehicular eluding.

ICE said some of the people arrested will face criminal charges for illegal entry and re-entry. Those who aren’t federal charged will be processed administratively for removal from the U.S.