An inmate accused of escaping from the Adams County Detention Facility said he's taking the fall for someone else's mistake.

The sheriff's office says last week, Shannon Owens pretended to be another inmate in order to escape.

Owens denies that.

The sheriff's office says Owens was originally booked for parole violation. He admits he was getting off track missing his drug tests, but thought he was being released early because of jail overcrowding.

He previously served time for aggravated robbery in Pueblo, downgraded from attempted murder charges through a plea deal.

Now, he's in deeper trouble.

No one is denying he walked out of jail Friday, but the sheriff's office says Owens pretended to be another inmate who was being released on bond. 

"There’s no way I escaped. I was released," he said.

Owens denies that and said he had his ID card on him and officers called him by name to get his stuff.

"If they tell you to do something, you want to follow what they tell you the first time," Owens said. 

He claims he went through multiple checkpoints before leaving to go to a nearby motel.

The sheriff's office declined to talk to 9NEWS on camera, but admitted in a statement "It's likely human error by our employees played a part during this release."

"There is no way possible that I can fool six seven, eight possibly more police officers," Owens said. 

An alert went out Owens had escaped, and he was arrested at the motel on Sunday without incident.

"I don’t know how they messed it up, but they messed it up obviously. Now they are trying to -- in my opinion -- to make me pay for that," Owens said. 

Owens is facing charges for escape.

The sheriff's office said they're "investigating" when asked whether any employees have been disciplined.

They admit there are enough checkpoints preventing this from happening.