When was the last time you jaywalked? And when was the last time you were fined for it? Be honest: the answer to the second question is probably never.

However, that's about to change for people in Boulder who don't cross the street when and where they are supposed to.

Beginning Monday, Boulder police officers will be enforcing three crosswalk-safety ordinances. If pedestrians and cyclists don't wait until the crossing signal before making their way across the street, they could face a fine of $50. Cyclists that don't slow down to eight miles per hour in a cross walk zone could also pay that same fine. Drivers who don't stop and wait for a crossing pedestrian could have to pay $125.

Eight percent of wrecks in Boulder involve a bicyclist or pedestrian accounting for 60 percent of serious injury and fatal collisions, according to the city's Safe Streets Report.

The enforcement is part of this year's Heads Up Boulder crosswalk safety campaign. During the week, police will be joined by Heads Up ambassadors to hand out educational material, coupons and small gifts to reinforce the program's message of safety. It runs through Friday.

The campaign is an opportunity to remind the community that pedestrian and bicyclist safety is a top priority, Boulder Police Chief Greg Testa said.