A Lakewood attorney will spend eight years behind bars for bilking his 89-year-old step grandmother out of $1.3 million.

A Jefferson County jury found Glenn Gregory, 55, guilty of thirteen theft-related counts in June, with a judge handing down his eight-year sentence on August 18.

The money was taken out of Martha Villano's trust fund, which was meant to provide for her until her death.

Starting with trust's creation in 2006, until 2015, Gregory moved the $1.3M into his own accounts and used it to give gifts to other family members.

Although Gregory was listed as a trustee and hand power of attorney for Villano, officials say he did not have permission to use the funds for personal use.

By the time the case was filed, only $24 was left in the account.

Villano never received any funds from the trust, nor any information about it.

“Gregory could have been sentenced to decades in prison. “This defendant deserved a very lengthy prison sentence,” District Attorney Pete Weir said. “Not only was Gregory the victim’s grandson, he also is a lawyer who violated the basic tenets of the profession. We believe that this is the highest value theft from an at-risk elder in Colorado.”