DENVER – Denver Police say a 25-year-old man took his two-year-old daughter along to sell drugs with him late September. The car had drugs inside and a loaded gun near the toddler, according to investigators.

DPD arrested Trey Banks and the girl’s father Henessy Butler on drug charges. Allen Carley was charged with criminal impersonation.

According to court records, DPD conducted a narcotics operation the week of September 28. Butler was the driver of the car where suspected drugs were found.

Court records say narcotics detectives used a confidential informant to purchase drugs with prerecorded funds.

The suspects drove away and officers pulled them over at a traffic stop. The two-year-old was sitting in the back seat at the time.

Investigators found a large amount of individually packaged suspected ecstasy along with hand gun magazines the trunk.

A baggie with suspected crack cocaine was found in the center console. Another baggie of suspected crack cocaine was found in the seat pocket on the back side of the front passenger’s seat, directly in front where the toddler was sitting.

Police also recovered a loaded hand gun.

According to court records, Carley and Banks had outstanding warrants for their arrest.

The child was released to a family member.

In addition to drug charges, her father is facing charges of child abuse.