Ignacio Luque-Verdugo, 33, has been convicted of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder in a 2014 shooting in Aurora that left one man dead while injuring two others.

Following an altercation on November 21, 2014, Luque-Verdugo opened fire at the Bronco Bar. Andres Cinto-Duran was shot six times and killed. Sergio Cinto-Duran was shot three times and left paralyzed when one of the bullets hit his spine. Manuel Rios-Rios was shot twice and survived.

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Luque-Verdugo fled the scene after the shooting. He was later arrested in California in July, 2015 and extradited to Colorado.

Surveillance video from the bar shows Luque-Verdugo setting a beer bottle on a table before grabbing his gun and opening fire. Fingerprints and DNA from the bottle were used as evidence. "Thank God he calmly placed that beer bottle on the pool table," said District Attorney Dave Young. "We wouldn't be here today if that hadn't happened."