An Agate man is facing a minimum sentence of 96 years in prison after being found guilty of second-degree murder and several other charges related to the 2015 killing of his business partner, the 18th District Attorney's Office says.

Shawn Geerdes, 48, reportedly shot the man five times, then threw his marijuana business partner in a car's trunk and set it on fire.

Police found the body of Jason Dosa, 44 of Parker, in the trunk of a car after firefighters were called to a wildfire in Jefferson County back on Sept. 20, 2015. Investigators said the car fire started the wildfire.

Detectives traced Dosa's last moments and learned he'd recently visited a marijuana growhouse owned by Geerdes. They also found blood stains and spent shell casings at the growhouse, too.

Authorities believed Dosa was killed there, then taken to Jefferson County before being burned up in the trunk.

Geerdes' sentencing date is September 5 - if he is found to be a habitual offender, he could spend the next 96 years behind bars.

He was found guilty on Wednesday by an Elbert County jury of second-degree murder, setting a wildfire and second-degree arson.

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