An Aurora man will serve 72 years in prison after being convicted of killing his 84-year-old grandfather during an argument over what to have for dinner.

Thirty-four-year-old Jason Vanbommel was sentenced Friday after a jury found him guilty in April of reckless manslaughter and first-degree assault of an at-risk adult, the District Attorney's Office says.

Because Vanbommel is a habitual offender, he faced a steeper sentence than he would have otherwise.

In December of 2015, Vanbommel's grandmother was planning on making some shrimp for dinner when he became angry at her. That's when his 84-year-old grandfather came in to tell Vanbommel to be respectful of his grandmother.

The DA's office says Vanbommel got angry at that as well. He started to throw things and swear, and when his grandfather tried to call 911 he punched him in the head repeatedly with strong blows.

After his grandfather fell to the floor, Vanbommel kicked him in the stomach, fracturing his ribs.

Vanbommel's grandfather was later rushed to the hospital where he died eight days later.

“Unfortunately, all too often our seniors our abused by those closest to them,” said District Attorney George H. Brauchler. “This was an especially egregious case, and this defendant who victimized his grandfather is going where he deserves to be: in prison for a very long time.”