A man who pleaded guilty to kidnapping a baby has been sentenced to six years in community corrections.

According to a release from the 17th Judicial District Attorney's Office, 21-year-old Isaac James Garcia had just bonded out of the Adams County jail on a drug case in March when he walked across the street to a parking lot on Bridge Street in Brighton, stole a truck, and drove off.

A three-month old infant was in the back seat.

The baby's father told police he had left the truck unlocked with the engine running while he went into the Smoker Friendly to check on a job application.

The DA's office says Garcia then drove to Denver and left the baby between a fence and a trash can in the alley behind a home on Raleigh St. A homeless man told a neighbor, who took the baby into his home and called police.

The baby was OK.

Garcia pleaded guilty to one count of second degree kidnapping in July.