The man who killed a popular Centennial doctor pleaded guilty to the murder this afternoon.

Kevin Lyons pleaded guilty to all 16 counts against him for a shooting spree in his Centennial neighborhood in April of last year.

The plea agreement stipulates Lyons is pleading guilty to all counts and will be sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 352 years.

The sentencing date is expected to be set separately.

Lyons appeared in Arapahoe County court on Thursday afternoon. He was charged with 16 counts in the shooting death of Dr. Kenneth Atkinson during a bizarre 2016 incident in their Centennial neighborhood. He’s also accused of injuring his wife Elizabeth and her friend, Laurie Juergens. Both women survived.

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He pleaded not guilty to the crime in March. His defense lawyer told the judge he wanted to file a notice of intent to introduce a mental health condition during the proceedings. What that alleged condition was wasn’t released.

According to court testimony, on April 4, 2016 Lyons shot at multiple neighbors and hit their houses during the chaotic incident. His wife told investigators he was saying “crazy stuff” before opening fire.

Atkinson was shot and killed when he walked outside to help a victim who’d been hit, witnesses said.

Lyons’ wife said he had been acting “weird” in the days leading up to the shooting, and that they’d been having problems.

An affidavit released Thursday, said that when deputies arrived on scene Lyons fired the gun at them. He then surrendered.

During an interview with police, the affidavit says Lyons told officers, "I killed my wife, she is a two-headed snake. I had to kill it. There is a new beginning." He then eventually said he did not want to talk anymore.

Earlier, District Attorney George Brauchler had told the court he was still deciding whether or not to pursue the death penalty in this case.