A man who prosecutors say not only assaulted his girlfriend, but came back to the motel she was at to shoot a man trying to help her, was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison.

John Walch, 35, was sentenced on Friday to 192 years in the Department of Corrections.

In June, a jury found Walch guilty of shooting and paralyzing a 52-year-old man in January of 2015.

The Good Samaritan was trying to help Walch's ex-girlfriend, who had been left bleeding on East Colfax Avenue in Aurora.

The man took her to her nearby hotel room and went inside to help her.

Then, prosecutors say, Walch returned and fired a gun through the motel room's broken window, striking the man in the back and paralyzing him from the chest down.

After the innocent man was shot, Walch and the woman fled. Aurora police found blood on the hotel room's broken window and three shell casings.

DNA in that blood came back to Walch, who, as a convicted felon, was already in the DNA database.

The shell casings found in Aurora matched three weapons crimes in Denver, the Arapahoe County District Attorney's office said.

The Arapahoe County DA's Office said the victim participated in the sentencing hearing by phone.

“I was wondering why I was shot, but now I know: He is a very evil man and he deserves to be in prison the rest of his life for the pain he has caused,” the victim told the court. “I’m just grateful to be alive even with the injuries I have.”

Walch had been found guilty of multiple charges including attempted first-degree murder and assault with extreme indifference.