Investigators said it was within plain sight for months, an illegal marijuana grow with more than 9,200 plants.

It was set up on a pair of islands in the middle of the Colorado River.

That is until Thursday morning when the DEA and several agencies shut it down in Mesa County.

DEA spokesman James Gothe said it was close enough people have been driving by the grow.

The islands are each around a half mile long and are north of the James M. Robb Colorado State Park in De Beque Canyon, northeast of Grand Junction.

DEA agents along with state and local law enforcement arrived by boat, airplane and helicopter. Photos from the Daily Sentinel show a small portion of the more than 9,200 marijuana plants from the islands that will be destroyed. But the DEA didn't specify how.

DEA said the first tip came when an officer made a traffic stop a few months ago on I-70 and found grow equipment in the car. That's when investigators started to check the area for possible grow operations.

When officers arrived Thursday morning, they found a campsite.

The DEA arrested two people on federal charges and are looking for a third suspect.

DEA investigators believe they were sent to tend to the plants by someone in Sinaloa, Mexico and are possibly low on the totem pole of a larger criminal organization.

However, the DEA wouldn't say what organization that may be because of the investigation and didn't release the suspects' name because they haven't been officially charged yet.

They also didn't put a number on how much the pot is worth.