One of the men accused of stealing from DeMarcus Ware was a customer at a local pawn shop, according to the probable cause statement.

Billy McCaslin, 40, and Sergio Irreza, 31, were arrested on Wednesday for breaking into Ware's home and allegedly stealing his Super Bowl ring.

After receiving a Crime Stoppers tip, police contacted a pawn shop in Thornton where the manager said she was "100% positive" that the man in the surveillance was McCaslin and that she's known him for a year.

Irreza, on the other hand, was arrested at his job when he came back from lunch. His manager positively identified both McCaslin and Irreza when shown a photo.

Police say Ware’s stolen property has since been recovered.

The Denver Broncos outside linebacker discovered the burglary after Monday night’s 27-9 win against the Houston Texans.

“Never about the material things for me but my safety,” he tweeted. “Thank God for hidden cameras.”