A multi-agency team has cleared a Colorado Springs officer of wrong-doing and ruled his use of force justified when he shot and killed a shoplifting suspect from Walmart back in August.

The 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office declared Thursday that the investigation into Officer Anthony Voltz's deadly shooting of 45-year-old Steven James Young had found no wrong-doing on Voltz's part.

In the late hours of August 15, a Colorado Springs police officer was called the Walmart on Platte for a reported shoplifter leaving the store, the DA's report says.

As soon as Young - the suspected shoplifter - saw the officer, he bolted through the store and out one of the loading docks. Those docks led out into a neighborhood, so the original officer called in backup.

Voltz was one of the responding officers, who the report says was in full uniform and driving a marked car.

ORIGINAL REPORT | Colorado Springs officer kills suspected shoplifter

The officers lost track of Young for a moment, the report says, until Voltz heard some rustling in the bushes near a house on E. Bijou. Voltz reportedly got out of his patrol car to investigate and that's when Young jumped from behind the bushes with what looked like a gun.

The report says Voltz saw Young run in the direction of the other officers with what looked like a gun so he radioed to the other officers that the suspect had a gun.

It was a CO2 pellet gun, the DA's report says.

Voltz told Young to get on the ground, but instead of following orders, the suspect instead turned direction and started toward Voltz.

The report says at that moment Voltz felt scared he was about to be shot, so he shot first, hitting the suspect.

All officers were wearing body cameras, the report says, but due to the low-lighting and rapid movements, no images were captured clearly.

During the ensuing investigation, law enforcement learned the exact gun Young used was a Crosman Vigilante Revolver .177 Caliber CO2 Air Pistol. He also drove a stolen Jeep to the Walmart on Platte that night.

The Jeep was reported missing back in June of this year and had been involved in "numerous high-speed chases with law enforcement," the report says.

The DA's office says Young also had a large amount of amphetamine and methamphetamine in his system, although the exact amount was not provided.