The owner of a wildlife rescue that was shut down by Colorado Parks and Wildlife last year due to scores of violations has taken a plea deal.

The Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue, which was on a secluded lot tucked into the corner of C-470 and Highway 85, remains closed. The owner, Kendall Seifert, opened it on the same grounds as his swingers club, Scarlet Ranch.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said they found 150 violations against Seifert’s operation back in March 2016. They later released 66 of the animals at Squirrel Creek back into the wild, sent four to other rehabilitation facilities and euthanized 23 of them due to incurable illnesses and injuries.

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Two other deer that were found inadequately rehabilitated and illegally possessed were also put down, CPW said.

Seifert pleaded guilty Friday to:

-Two counts of illegal possession of two deer

-One count of failure to submit a complete report of unlicensed individuals

-Failure to euthanize wildlife unlikely to recover

-Unlawful release of wildlife unlikely to recover

-Unlawful relase of wildlife outside of 10 miles

Last year, Seifert told 9NEWS he had video of parks and wildlife officials treated the animals poorly, and said he believed he was targeted because of the swingers club.

This was an allegation that Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Jennifer Churchill denied.