A family in Parker is still cleaning up after a weekend bash at their house that they didn't have any part in.

Instead, Mike Cox said his family walked into their home Saturday and found it trashed after being full of teenagers the night before.

And what was the family doing while a rager was going on in their home? They were a mile away at a friend's house for dinner.

"It was heartbreaking," Cox said. "You work hard, my wife works really hard to make a nice home and these are your things and they're replaceable but it breaks your heart to see the amount of damage done."

A video circulating on social media throughout the week was shot by someone at the party. It was posted on Snapchat and made its way around the internet before a family friend sent it to Cox.

"You don't know where to begin," he said. "I mean, I keep looking around and the camera can't do it justice. You have to smell it. You have to feel it under your feet. Everything's been touched.

He said he thinks they found his home on the real estate website Zillow and assumed it would be empty because it's for sale. Then the teens got to the house, saw all the furniture and met the dogs - and had a party anyway.

"They saw evidence of people living here and they still went ahead with the plan to throw a party and destroy our home," Cox said.

He told 9NEWS the damage to his house totals well over thousands of dollars. And it's not just the damage to the house: Cox said that thousands of dollars worth of stuff was stolen as well.

The house is off the market for now, Cox said, at least until they can fix everything.

"The damage is extensive," he said. "Everything in our house has been contaminated. Everything has been touched. It's not like you can just say, 'OK, let's clean up,' and grab some paper towels and Windex and go over in one little corner and clean up."

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is investigating the party. Authorities tell 9NEWS six teens believed to be involved have already been arrested.

Cox said he hopes investigators can find the person who found the house and sent around the invite to the party.