A man accused of stashing several pipe bombs in his downtown Denver hotel room sent a handwritten letter to a district court judge involved in his case.

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In that letter Adam Hayat calls the federal government a joke and also asks if the government wants him dead or alive. Hayat is facing federal charges after investigators said they found around half a dozen pipe bombs inside his Sheraton hotel room.

One line in his letter says, "I cry out for help only to receive a criminal case in return," and then laid out four sentencing options for himself. The judge ordered a competency and insanity evaluation.

"I very rarely see a suspect write a letter to a court. It's pretty common in cases when a person has a significant mental illness though," said Dr. Max Wachtel, the 9NEWS Psychology expert. "Insanity evaluations are hard. You aren't testing a mental state currently you are trying to get at what their mental state was at the time of the offense."

The evaluation can take months to complete.

Hayat's attorneys intend to use an insanity defense.