Some neighbors in Westminster say they're seeing an uptick in the number of packages stolen off their front porches. They're now working together to hunt for their porch pirate.

One of the victims of the latest string of alleged thefts is Megan Metzger-Seymour. She's a student at Colorado State University and ordered new sheets for her dorm room.

It wasn't until days after the scheduled delivery date Metzger-Seymour realized her package never arrived. Her suspicions were raised after her mom read a post on the Nextdoor app.

"She was looking through it [Sunday] and kind of saw that this woman had posted a picture of someone stealing her package from a surveillance camera that she had above her front door," Metzger-Seymour said.

The neighbor with the surveillance footage asked not to be named but said at least three people, including Metzger-Seymour's mom, said they were victims of the same crime.

After reading the post, Metzger-Seymour looked at a tracker to find out where her package was and learned it had been delivered six days before. She and her family called the store they ordered the package from and discovered her sheets had already been returned.

"They were actually able to exchange them for gift cards to the store instead of refunding the money to the credit card that was initially used to make the purchase online," she said.

It's too late for Metzger-Seymour to get her stuff back but she and her neighbors are determined to find whoever took their things.

"Who would do that," she asked. "It's kind of like -- you're stealing packages. It's obviously some other people's stuff."

The neighbors claim this particular crime is on the rise not only in their neighborhood but throughout all of Westminster. Westminster police said there have been 11 reported cases in the past six months.