One person was killed just after midnight Tuesday in the Southmoor neighborhood near Hampden and Tamarac.

Denver Police are not releasing much information, leaving neighbors questioning what happened on their usually quiet street.

Police taped off the front of a house on the 3900 block of South Spruce Street. A group of people who identified themselves as family to 9NEWS cried as men with the Office of the Medical Examiner took out a body from inside the home.

The family members said they aren’t sure if the person killed is their relative. The person has not been identified. They saw the house during a news report Tuesday morning and drove over to see what happened.

The family said the home is occupied by a woman and her 27-year-old son. Sometimes other relatives stay at the house as well. The woman was not home Monday night and was visibly shaken and upset as police investigated what happened.

Police said no one is in custody and they are looking for a suspect or suspects. There is no description of who they are looking for or what lead up to the homicide.

Neighbors want to know if the house was targeted or if it was random act of violence.

“I’m feeling scared because we don’t know what’s going on,” said next-door neighbor, Reebie Yarborough.

Carolyn McCarthy, 18, said police came to her door asking if she or her family heard anything. She said they didn’t.

“I was in shock. I don’t know, it’s scary. It’s a house down from me,” said McCarthy.

“It’s unfortunate. You just don’t think it will happen where you live and when it does, it kind of, wow. This is our neighborhood,” said Larry Alexander.

The neighbors said while most people in the area know each other, they were not close to the family who resided where the person was killed because they kept to themselves.

9NEWS will update this story as soon as information is available.