DENVER - DU's Chancellor is responding to students after a slew of controversial messages were written on the "free speech wall" near the Driscoll Student Center.

In the last few weeks, there has been an escalation of messaging on the wall which "directly speaks to the racial tensions in our nation," Chancellor Rebecca Chopp said.

For example, someone crossed out the word "black" in "Black Lives Matter."

Thursday morning, a message was written across several panels of the wall including the lyrics to a song, "Guilty of Being White" by Minor Threat. The message read, "The worst guilt is to accept unearned guilt. I'm sorry for something I didn't do, lynched somebody but I didn't know who. Guilty of being white."

Chopp said this is an opportunity for students to have a discussion and urged the school community to hold a higher standard.

"Spray paint on a wall is not enough to promote the kinds of serious conversations we need in order to understand one another -- to listen, discuss, disagree and even argue in respectful ways. We must not leave any stone unturned, any action uncorrected, or any possibility for justice unaddressed."

The Chancellor's office says its creating opportunities for people to come together and engage in these dialogues in constructive ways.

The "free speech wall" is not maintained or managed by university staff.