Denver Police are warning the public to be wary of potential pre-paid debit card scams after a woman took a limousine driver for $500 on Wednesday.

A limo driver got a call from a woman back on Wednesday saying she wanted to retain his services as she was staying in a hotel in downtown Denver and would like the driver to run some errands for her, police said.

Part of those errands included picking up $500 in pre-paid debit cards and then, over the phone, providing her with the PIN.

When the driver got to the hotel, his client never showed up. He called the debit companies, trying to cancel the payments, but was told the money had already been used.

Police want to remind the public that pre-paid debit cards are among scammers' favorite way to con people: they can pull money from the cards quickly and it's almost impossible to get it back once it's been taken off the card.

If anyone - especially someone you don't know or just met - asks you to give them the PIN on the pre-paid debit cards, don't.

It's likely a scam, Denver PD said.