Search crews say they think they're getting closer to finding the body of a missing toddler from Cheyenne, Wyoming.

They are searching in a landfill near Ault, Colorado.

Recovery workers say the landfill is where Cheyenne's garbage is located.

Police say 13-month-old Silas Ojeda was last seen in Cheyenne on October 22.

Logan Hunter Rogers, a 23-year-old Wyoming man, was arrested on Oct. 27 and faces charges of manslaughter and reckless child endangerment.

Investigators searched a Cheyenne home and found "some biological evidence" from the residence.

Rogers delayed a court appearance so he could take investigators to the boy's body, Gesell said. The location he gave investigators was false. This contributed to delays in searching the landfill.

Between Oct. 30 and 31, investigators received a tip the child was buried under a trailer. Cadaver dogs were brought in and a hit was made on a vehicle and a dumpster the boy could have been dumped in.

Gesell said cadaver dogs cannot be used at the landfill because of the methane gas at the landfill - searchers have to wear protective gear - and because other items, like dead animals or meat, interfere with the scent.

Officials cannot release a cause of death on Silas but say Rogers is not the biological father.