A previously convicted sex offender was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for making fake Facebook profiles to coerce minors, six of whom were from Colorado.

Christopher White, 38, pleaded guilty to six counts of coercion and enticement of a minor. After prison, White will have a lifetime term of supervised release.

White used social media, text and telephone calls to meet, entice and then threaten minors into taking off clothing or committing sex acts.

Court documents state between June 30, 2014 and August 4, 2014, White, targeted child victims ranging from ages 13 to 14 using the Facebook profiles “Kent Noelle” and “Glenn Black.”

He used those profiles to correspond with minor girls, including six girls from Colorado.

White, of South Carolina, claimed to be a teenage boy while he was truly a 35-year-old man and previously convicted sex offender.

After first befriending them online, then texting and even talking with the minors by phone, White then began to use harassment, threats of physical harm, and threats to post sexually-explicit photographs of the children or their friends on social media, all in an effort to coerce the teenagers to produce and send him child pornography of themselves.

After pleading guilty to the six counts in this case, but before his sentence was announced, White continued to contact other minor girls from prison to harass them or engage in graphic phone sex with them.

When White’s phone privileges were curtailed, he used another inmate’s access to continue contacting teenage girls from prison.

This case was investigated by Homeland Security Investigations and the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina.