A 30-year-old man accused of stabbing someone at a Leadville bar was sentenced to 36 years in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in April of this year.

Matthew James Haley reportedly stabbed Jordan Gausman, 31, at the Silver Dollar Saloon back in May 2016, the district attorney's office says.

Gausman and Haley were both in the Silver Dollar Saloon and talking amicably, the DA says. For an unknown reason, Haley started acting strange and became physically agitated toward Gausman.

Then the pair started talking about serving in the military.

While paying for his beer, Haley pushed and punched Gausman in the chest and invited him outside.

Moments later, Gausman paid his tab and left the bar with his friend. Without warning, Haley started attacking Gausman, punching him repeatedly in the face and then, once Gausman had fallen to the ground, started kicking him.

As Gausman tried to stand, Haley held him, pulled a knife out from a leg sheath, and stabbed him in his left side - a wound that would later kill him.

Haley bolted - and an intense manhunt ensued. He would later turn himself into authorities after Gausman died.

Haley was also sentenced to 4 years for helping another inmate with an attempted escape from the Lake County Jail in January 2017 - a sentence that will run at the same time as the murder sentence.

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