All it takes is simply saying “yes” to fall victim to the latest phone scam.

The Lafayette Police Department warned about what’s been dubbed the “Can you hear me?” scam on Facebook on Thursday.

Here’s how they say it works:

You get a robocall that tries to get some sort of affirmative answer from you. That’s it. But police caution not to say yes, because according to the Better Business Bureau, the caller might actually be trying to sign you up for goods and services you never actually agreed to buy.

If you say yes, they have a recording of your answer – and can use it in an agreement to sign up for a service or product – allowing them to hit up your bank for payment. And when you protest, the caller has your recorded “yes” as proof that you actually agreed.

How do you avoid this scam?

Lafayette Police say to hang up on unsolicited robocalls and not to speak or push requested buttons.

If you feel like you’ve already been the victim of a scam, have your bank or credit card company flag your account.

Also be sure to check your bank account daily. The earlier you flag fraudulent charges, the easier it is to get your money back.