Fort Collins Police have made an arrest for the person they say was responsible for the school threat last year involving a clown.

A threat made on social media to Poudre High School students was reported to the police on Sept. 28, 2016. It came from an account tied to a clown and happened during last year’s creepy clown craze.

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The person who received this threat posted the information to the "Let’s Talk Wellington" Facebook page, causing widespread concern.

Poudre High School, the Larimer County Sheriff's Office, and Fort Collins Police Services were all flooded with calls about the threat.

530 were absent the day after the threat was made, attributed by the release to parents' concerns about their children.

Police investigated immediately and decided the threat was not likely to be carried out. Still, Fort Collins Police increased officer presence at the high school for several days after the threat was made.

Police uncovered that the post was made a by a Poudre School District student, who was charged with Interference with Staff, Faculty, or Students of an Educational Institution, a class 1 misdemeanor. The student was also expelled from the school district.

The student’s name will not be released, police said.