The search for a 13-month-old boy's body at a Weld County landfill is expected to resume Tuesday morning after high winds and a "wild goose chase" led law enforcement to call off the search Monday.

Logan Hunter Rogers, the 23-year-old Wyoming man arrested in connection to the death, reportedly told Laramie (Wyoming) County Sheriff's Office investigators he dumped 13-month-old Silas Anthony Ojeda of Cheyenne in a trash bin at Laramie County Community College.

Investigators worked with the local sanitation department to determine that the bin's contents had traveled to the North Weld Landfill in Ault, about 9 miles east of Interstate 25.

Agencies from Wyoming and Colorado were preparing to search the landfill Monday morning at sunrise, but Rogers then requested a meeting with an investigator and changed his story, saying he'd buried the boy at a campsite in Albany County, Wyoming, said Capt. Linda Gesell of the Laramie sheriff's office. Rogers later changed his story again, and investigators got a tip that the boy had been buried beneath a trailer in Cheyenne, leading to several fruitless searches.

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