They’re on the roads all day, every day, so it makes sense that Denver Police are tapping them for help.

DPD officially re-launched the “Taxis on Patrol” program (or TOPS) during a news conference Thursday morning. It's a commitment to safety that costs nothing to tax payers and only makes DPD's job easier.

"Police simply can't be everywhere at all times, so the to be extra eye and ears on the streets," said Robert McBride, the Executive Vice President of Metro Taxi.

Metro Taxi first launched the TOPS in 2011. They saw almost immediate success. In 2014, the program created the "Medina Alert". A system that helps catch hit-and-run drivers.

And after today's re-launch, they hope to catch even more of those criminals. Drivers will be trained by DPD to lookout for suspicious activity. If they see something, they quickly report that information to police.

"We as Denver really are growing exponentially," said Max Sarr, GM of Freedom Cab, "We always want to welcome people. We need [this patrol] more than everto help out the police to keep us safe."

It's a no-brainer. There more than 4000 vehicles across the four participating cab companies. The goal is to get hundreds of the drivers to be on the lookout and keep their community safe.