Two Coffee County Sheriff's deputies were injured in a shooting at the courthouse, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reported Monday afternoon.

The TBI tweeted the deputies are receiving medical attention.

The Coffee County court clerk told WSMV one of the deputies was shot in the hand and the other was shot in the stomach. The station said officials told them the alleged shooter was named Michael Bell and that he later shot himself.

Coffee County Circuit Court Clerk Heather Duncan told WSMV she didn’t witness the shooting, but said the entire courthouse was evacuated after it happened.

“Everybody’s just broken-hearted and sick. We’re so worried about our officer friends and so thankful at the same time it wasn’t worse than it was. We’re just hopeful those officers and their families are OK tonight,” Duncan said.

TBI tweeted that their preliminary investigation indicated that the shooter was dead.

The courthouse is located in Manchester, Tennessee, roughly 65 miles southeast of Nashville.

Manchester Mayor Lonnie Norman told the Tennessean the shooting occurred Monday afternoon and did not involve any city employees. As of 3:45 p.m. Norman confirmed there is no longer an ongoing threat.