A car dealership in Lakewood is coming off a rough month.

In May, High Octane Performance Cars was not only hit by the severe hail storm that barreled through the Denver area, but it was also targeted by thieves three different times.

The most recent thefts happened over Memorial Day weekend.

Thomas Gantert, the shop's owner, shared surveillance video of the suspects stealing a red Jeep Cherokee off the lot early Saturday morning.

In the video, you can see the black Jeep the thieves drove onto the lot.

Monday morning, Gantert watched a similar scene on new video captured by his surveillance cameras: two thieves back on the lot, attempting to break into more Jeeps and getting away with another vehicle.

Those thefts happened just one week after thieves stole a vehicle that belonged to one of Gantert's customers.

On top of that, numerous Jeeps the thieves attempted to steal, but didn't get away with, were damaged.

"Throw in the hail and the other things, it's tough," Gantert said. "This is our revenue and you know, when you're the small margin-type business that we are, because we focus only on Jeeps, it's tough when you have to invest $1,000 or $2,000 to get them back road worthy again."

He hopes sharing the surveillance video will lead to tips and help police catch the thieves before they come back or hit anyone else.