Back on Friday, Broomfield Police put an alert out on Facebook saying a motorcyclist was driving erratically, putting the public at risk and eluding police. Two days later, 18-year-old Tyler Jared Adams was arrested and is facing a slew of charges.

Adams first came to Broomfield PD's attention way back on July 4 when he was spotted doing wheelies in traffic in the area of Commons Park Drive and Sheridan Boulevard. Police say he endangered "hundreds of pedestrians attending the community celebration" by going quickly down the road.

Officers tried to stop Adams, police say, but he got away. He fled going upwards of 90 mph.

Police then saw Adams again on Thursday, speeding again at well over 100 mph and doing more wheelies.

He's facing charges of vehicular eluding, reckless driving, driving without a motorcycle endorsement and operating an unregistered vehicle.

He was caught early Sunday morning.

Many on Broomfield PD's Facebook page, where the alert was originally posted, have issues with the way the wanted poster was presented. There are several photos taken by what appears to be the driver of the car - and several noticed the motorcyclist was accused of going 100 mph, but the speedometer only shows 25 mph.

Once the police department posted he was apprehended, some asked the police department why they didn't focus on "bigger crimes."

Regardless, it was a citizen tip that led police to the motorcyclist - and there were many on the post who pointed out you couldn't be sure the driver took the photos or that the motorcycle didn't speed up after the photo was taken.

At the end of the day, police asked for the public's help, and despite doing what Facebook commenters do best, someone actually called in and helped police nab a lawbreaker.