A vigil was held in memory of a young woman police say was killed last month in Aurora.

Queen Ashby’s body was found in the foothills of Clear Creek County. This afternoon officers made an arrest in her murder.

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The vigil was highlighted with Balloons, candles and held hands.

“I miss her. We are all here in memory of Queen,” said Rachelle Gambor, a friend of Queen Ashby’s.

Many came together to celebrate Ashby and make sure she knows how much she was loved, but the celebration was also for another.

“Her and Duchess, her daughter,” said Gamber.

Her daughter, who won't get the chance to know her mother like many of the people at the vigil.

Gambor has been friends with Queen since high school. “I knew her as soon as she joined the cheer team,” said Gambor.

She says the past few weeks have not been easy.

“It’s been hard. I never thought I would lose a close friend,” said Gambor.

Aurora police say Queen was killed at the beginning of last month, and her body was discovered April 8th near a state highway.

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Loved ones, still shocked by the news, try to stay positive through memories.

“She was an eccentric, loud, loving person. She just loved to love everyone," said Gambor.

Police arrested Shawrae Butler in an Aurora neighborhood. They believe he is responsible for her murder.

“The person who did this to Queen is no longer living life freely. They are behind bars where they deserve to be and Queen deserves justice,” Gambor said.

Many feel his arrest brings them some closure.

“I think that's also what helped everyone come out here,” said Gambor.

Queen is an only child who also leaves one behind, which is what those close to her worry most about.

“Her daughter won't remember her mom because she's a baby, and her mom is losing her only child. She's my best friend, but I'm not a mom yet and I don't know what it’s like to lose a child,” said Gambor.

Queen may be gone but they all vow to keep her memory alive.

“I love you Queen,” Gambor added.

Many members of the family say Queen's death is still too fresh for them to talk.

Police have not yet said how Queen knew her suspected killer. They're not saying much because this is an ongoing investigation.

Butler is scheduled to appear in Arapahoe County Court on Monday.