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Diane Riechert can’t help but smile as she thinks about her friend Connie Paris.

“She was a true-blue friend,” she said. “You could always depend on her.”

The two did everything together: from sharing clothes to making prank phone calls. They even attended the legendary Beatles concert at Red Rocks in 1964.

“We got the best seats in the house,” Riechert recalls of sitting next to Paris in the sixth row.

Little did she know that just four years later, her friendship with Connie would be abruptly cut short.

“It was the first person that close to me that I’d ever lost,” Riechert said.

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At 18 years old, Connie Paris was murdered. She disappeared shortly after getting off at a bus stop at Broadway and Girard Avenue in Englewood, just five blocks from where she lived.

Paris had boarded the 10 p.m. bus in front of the downtown Denver library after doing research for a term paper. She would normally walk the few blocks home from the bus stop at Girard or call her parents for a ride home.

“She was seen getting off the bus,” Reichert said.

The day after the Englewood High School senior disappeared, her books and clothing were found along Dry Creek behind Broadway.

“They found her clothing folded neatly,” Reichert said.

After four more days of searching, police found Connie Paris’s body on the northern edge of Fort Logan National Cemetery.

“It was kind of in a ravine, that they found her. Which is heartbreaking that somebody would throw her away like trash,” Reichert said.

Connie Paris’ loved ones say there was a suspect in the case who was a security guard along Broadway.
But he was cleared about six years ago. Police found DNA, but it has never matched up with any DNA in the Colorado Department of Correction’s database. The Englewood Police Department hasn’t received any new clues recently in this case.

Reichert is hoping that reminding people of the case may also jog someone’s memory of March 26, 1968—the day Connie Paris disappeared.

“I’m hoping that somebody will come forward. Somebody knows something,” she said. “The reality is, there’s a perpetrator out there. If he’s still alive. He’s probably out there.”

Englewood Police Department still has an open investigation in this case. If you have any information, call the department’s cold case unit at 303-761-7410.