The warnings are everywhere about technology and identity theft, but prosecutors in Jefferson County say one woman just proved that the old-fashioned way of stealing personal information is still fashionable.

Shanae Blair is accused of making off with mail from hundreds of people in about three months.

In May, Lakewood police pulled over Blair.

Investigators say there was a warrant out for her arrest, which allowed them to conduct a further search of the vehicle.

"They found within that vehicle there were in fact perpetrated to be forged documents," District Attorney Peter Weir said.

Blair made it out on bond. After that, Weir says she was found in a stolen vehicle.

When officers searched the car, they say they found around 300 pieces of mail that didn't belong to her. Investigators believe they were stolen from across Jefferson County between August and October.

Investigators say Blair had debit and credit cards.

One victim said her daughters drivers license was taken.

Another said her packages were stolen.

"That has devastating consequences for victims and it may take months and months and sometimes years to be able to take that from somebody's record to prove that they weren't the ones using those financial instruments," Weir said.

Weir warns even in the digital age, snail mail can still make you vulnerable.

"Online scams and deceit perpetrated online is becoming more prevalent, but we can’t ignore the old-fashioned way," Weir said.

Blair is out on bond again.

Weir said at the time bond was set at $2,000, all the case details weren't available. Blair is on pre-trail supervision, which means she has to check in with a pre-trail service manager.

When 9NEWS spoke with her briefly Wednesday night, she denied stealing anything.

The DA's office says if you are having something valuable shipped, have it sent to an office where someone has to accept it. Also, look into getting a locked mailbox.