When two burglary suspects saw a woman unloading groceries from her car Wednesday, they also saw an opportunity to steal her car. Police say her four-year-old daughter was still in the car and the suspects let her out about a hundred yards away.

However, the woman's cell phone was still inside and officers used it to track the car down in front of an Englewood home. They were also able to find the two suspects who might have gotten away if it weren't for a quick-thinking homeowner.

The suspects ran into Tyler Madden's home. He said he doesn't see himself as a hero, but how he helped police tells a different story.

"I heard two people enter my house," Madden said. "I heard their voices from the bedroom and I knew there shouldn't be voices."

He said he saw a man and a woman in his living room. He verbally threatened them to leave but was ignored.

"As soon as he stopped paying a little bit of attention to me, I ran back to where I keep my weapons," Madden said. "I didn't want them in my house. That was my initial goal - to get them out."

He said he grabbed a gun and chased them through his house and out the back door.

"As soon as I got them in the backyard, I realized that I didn't just want them out of my house," Madden said. "I needed to make sure that no one else was implicated by whatever it was they were doing."

Madden said he followed the two over a fence and - while still holding them at gunpoint - ordered them to stay put.

"By the time they got into the backyard of my neighbor is when I got them down on the ground," he said. "The 911 call was being placed by my other neighbor and he showed up in the backyard as well."

Police were able to arrest 30-year-old Quincy Brewer and a 17-year-old girl with Madden's help - and without ever having to fire a shot.

"It ended best-case scenario for everybody involved – myself, the police and the suspects," Madden said. "No one got shot, bad guys went to jail."

The case is being investigated by Thornton police. Police aren't releasing the female suspect's mug shot since she's underage.

While this approach worked for Madden, officers say they don't ever recommend direct involvement in trying to stop a suspect because they could be armed and dangerous.