Getting two ballots would cause most of us to do a double take.

=It memorably caused confusion for a state legislator a few years ago. Now, it's a woman from Jefferson County who is curious why she got two ballots from two counties.

Lisa Hemminger has lived in Jefferson County for the past 20 years and this is the first time this has happened to her. However, this isn't the first time we've ever heard of this problem. Just a few years ago, a similar situation happened to then-Republican House candidate -- Jon Keyser.

Just like in that case, Lisa lives in one county and also owns property in another. She currently owns a building in Arapahoe County that she leases out to a couple of businesses. The Colorado Secretary of State's office said that's why she's getting the second ballot.

Hemminger's ballot from Arapahoe County isn't a full ballot, so there would be no way she could vote twice on any ballot measures. The ballot only includes a couple of questions that pertain to the area that her building is in.

Just in case anybody has a similar problem as Hemminger, she told 9NEWS the confusion all could have been avoided if only she read what was on the back of the two envelopes.

"Both the envelopes say something similar," Hemminger said. "This one says, 'NOTICE: This may not be your only ballot. Other elections may be held by other political subdivisions by mail or by polling place.' That's on Arapahoe County's."

Hemminger said from now on, she'll look for messages on both sides of all envelopes and actually open her mail before raising any eyebrows.

Even in her confusion, however, the Secretary of State's office said she did the right thing when she went to their website to double check which country she was actually registered in.