The Denver Police bomb squad investigated Friday what they called a “suspicious package” found in a BMW that had a homemade sign in the window that said “F*** DPD.”

At 8:07 a.m., DPD received a report about the suspicious-looking box on the hood of car that had an anti-police message in its window, DPD spokesman Doug Schepman told 9NEWS in an email.

The active investigation in the area of West 8th Avenue and Hooker Street led Denver Public Schools to place nearly Eagleton Elementary on lockout Friday morning.

DPS spokesperson Will Jones says law enforcement told him the man who owns the vehicle, which was parked at 8th and Hooker, made the sign because he was upset he received a ticket.

He says officers found a package inside the SUV that seemed suspicious, so they called the bomb squad.

Jones says all the students and staff at Eagleton Elementary were moved to the east side of the building as a precaution.

The man who owns the SUV has been arrested and is being held to investigate the charge of possession of a hoax device, which is a felony, Schepman said. Denver District Attorney’s Office is the final voice on determining charges.

The man's identity will not be available until booking is completed, and the incident is still under investigation, Schepman said.