A Longmont couple is making the eclipse even more memorable by getting married during it.

Michelle Hoffman and Cale Bibb have been planning their wedding since October.

They met at a concert 4 years ago almost exactly to the day in celestial terms, and they'll be tying the knot at Red Rocks just as the moon and the sun begin to overlap.

Their ceremony begins at 11 and ends around 11:30, which will leave them just enough time to see the eclipse at its peak.

The Colorado couple chose to say their vows during the solar eclipse because it's not your standard wedding.

Hoffman is really into astronomy and Bibb thought why not? It's different.

They'll be passing out eclipse glasses as party favors and they don't mind at all if this astrological event overshadows their big day.

“We’re hoping it does,” laughed Hoffman.

"We've thought about it actually quite a bit, and I think there will actually be a fair amount of people more interested in what's going on around us than the ceremony itself and we're ok with that,” Bibb said.

Of course, you might be wondering, where did they get enough glasses for their 90 guests? They planned ahead. Michelle ordered 100 pairs in November and another 75 in April just to be safe.