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We're nearing the final stretch - and DIA wants a piece of the action. They've got glasses and Moon Pies.

It's less than 48 hours until a full solar eclipse hits the U.S.

Some people are planning weddings for the moment of total coverage - some are scared to grill outside - but we can all agree this has been hanging over us (pun intended) for quite a while now.

Starting early Monday, it'll be getting a little darker in Denver. While Colorado itself isn't in the path of totality, many locals are heading to Nebraska and Wyoming to see it. For those that can't - or won't - go that far - we're still getting a pretty cool experience here.

And Denver International is throwing a party. Well... they're holding an event. A spokesperson for the airport says beginning at 10 a.m. the airport is hosting an event at the plaza next to the Westin Hotel. If you want in, you've gotta do one thing: line up outside the south security checkpoint.

The event was originally planned for 11 a.m., but airport staff is pushing it up an hour due to the high demand. It's one pair per person.

The airport says they've got 1,000 certified glasses and 2,000 Moon Pies.

9NEWS gave out 225,000 glasses over the past month. We're continuing to get calls from people needing glasses! While we're sorry we don't have any more - maybe this will do?

If not, you can always make your own 'pair.'