August 21 will be a day for the history books. And thanks to all of you, we were able to give away 225,000 approved eclipse glasses for the big day!

It will mark the first full solar eclipse only visible in the U.S. since the country was founded in 1776 – and the path of totality is only a few hours north of Denver.

For several weeks, 9NEWS has been giving out free glasses (and a little something extra) to our viewers who need them! But if you missed the giveaway, don't fret! There are other ways to view the eclipse.

Can't get eclipse glasses? Do this instead:

The eclipse will be an incredible sight – but it’s one that you can’t look at with your bare eyes. Doctors say you should never, ever, ever look at the sun – not even for a second – without the proper NASA-approved, ISO-certified glasses.

9NEWS, the Denver Broncos, and Grease Monkey partnered up to give you those glasses for free!

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