BOULDER - The University of Colorado Boulder recently surveyed students in an attempt to understand the frequency and types of sexual misconduct experienced by students since their arrival at the school. This includes incidents on and off campus.

The survey was administered between Oct. 19 and Nov. 16, 2015. Undergraduate, graduate and non-degree seeking students were invited to participate.

A total of 10,340 undergraduate, 53 percent of them women, 2,596 graduate, 45 percent women, and 73 non-degree-seeking students, 36 percent women responded to the survey making an overall response rate of 41 percent.

Students were asked questions about sexual assault in three groups of behaviors: sexual exposure, sexual touching and sexual intercourse or penetration.

Of the 13,009 students who responded, the total rates for sexual misconduct on and off campus were:

  • 1,990, or 15 percent, reported experiencing sexual assault (ranging from unwanted sexual touching to penetration).
  • 509, or 4 percent, reported experiencing sexual harassment
  • 2,315, or 18 percent, reported experiencing intimate partner abuse
  • 839, or 6 percent, reported experiencing stalking

For undergraduate students, rates of all types of sexual misconduct were:

  • Sexual assault: 28 percent women, 6 percent men
  • Sexual exploitation: 6 percent women, 3 percent men
  • Sexual harassment: 28 percent women, 9 percent men
  • Intimate partner abuse: 14 percent women, 7 percent men
  • Stalking: 10 percent women, 3 percent men

For graduate students, rates of all types of sexual misconduct were:

  • Sexual assault: 10 percent women, 2 percent men
  • Sexual exploitation: 2 percent women, 1 percent men
  • Sexual harassment: 20 percent women, 7 percent men
  • Intimate partner abuse: 8 percent women, 5 percent men
  • Stalking: 8 percent women, 2 percent men

Students who reported having been sexually assaulted since arriving at CU-Boulder, on or off campus, were asked about the total number of incidents of sexual assault they had experienced. Of those who reported sexual assault 50 percent reported experiencing one assault, 27 percent reported two assaults, 12 percent reported three assaults and 10 percent reported four or more assaults.

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