When Sam Walker was thinking about what classes to take for the spring semester, he saw one that was a bit different than the rest.

"The reason a lot of us got into it is cause we all love children," Walker said.

He is a senior at the University of Colorado taking environmental design. Instructor Jeremy Ehly put together a class to have students design and build new playgrounds for a low-income housing complex in Lakewood after he was contacted by Northeast Denver Housing Center.

"They're actually interacting with the community," Ehly said. "Not operating off their own desires, but they're operating off the desires of this affordable housing community."

Not only did students design the playground equipment and landscaping, but they found the funds to pay for the project.

"So, we took it upon ourselves to raise the money and complete this project for them," Walker said.

They raised $35,000 through a crowd funding campaign at CU.

"One of the biggest real-world challenges is a budget," Ehly said.

Saturday afternoon, Ehly and his students officially unveiled the new playground. Ilea Miller says she and her two young children were about ready to move out until they saw the playground being built.

"My kids didn't have anywhere basically to play," Miller said. "You know it was just grass, that's all they had."

Miller can't believe this was all done by students.

"My kids are so excited about it," Miller said.

Ehly says his students went above and beyond what they were supposed to do.

"The truth is if I could give them all a higher grade than an A, they all deserve it," Ehly said.

Walker says he's been waiting on this grade. Classes officially ended weeks ago.

"If he told you on the news that I'm getting a C, I'd be a little bummed out," Walker said.

Instead, he's excited about an assignment to remember.

"To know that we took something that was one slide and broken monkey bars and turned it into this, it's great to see," Walker said.