The Denver Public School Board announced they would be restarting Greenlee Elementary and Amesse Elementary schools following staff recommendations regarding changes to the district's School Performance Compact, or SPC.

The policy was created last year to provide a transparent process for how DPS will identify and restart or close the most persistently low-performing schools, both district-run and charter.

Beginning the 2017-18 school year, the following changes will take place in the School Performance Compact criteria:

  • No longer based on the lowest 5% of schools
  • Continues to be based on growth
  • School Quality Reviews will still be used for school improvement efforts, but will play no part in restart or closure decisions

Schools anticipated to be eligible for restart or closure under the new criteria have already been contacted by Deputy Superintendent Susana Cordova to help them prepare for next steps with their school communities.

The office of Family and Community Engagement will be assisting school leaders with community meetings this spring to answer questions and keep families informed.

You can learn more about the SPC and its role in creating Great Schools in Every Neighborhood at Denver Public Schools' website.