A new anti-voucher majority on a suburban Denver school board has ended a long-running battle over whether the district could use taxpayer money to help students attend secular or religious schools.

Douglas County's school board voted late Monday in favor of a resolution to end its voucher program as well as litigation in a case that reached the U.S. Supreme Court.

The case involves a 2011 attempt by a conservative-dominated board to let students attend a school of their choice using taxpayer-funded vouchers. The program has been tied up in litigation.

Douglas County is a national example in the school voucher movement. It's the only school district where vouchers were implemented by a school board, as opposed to a state legislature.

One of the seven board members abstained from voting because he's a plaintiff in the lawsuit challenging the voucher program. All of the other board members voted to end the program.

Douglas​ ​County​ ​School​ ​District​ ​is​ ​Colorado’s​ ​third​ ​largest​ ​school​ ​district​ ​and​ ​serves​ ​more than​ ​68,000​ ​students.​ ​