Much of Douglas County School District’s web and phone services are out Tuesday, especially in Castle Rock, Larkspur and Roxborough areas. This means that parents cannot call the school or district offices.

Their provider CenturyLink is looking into the info, according to a released statement. The outage may be because of damage to a fiber line or a hardware issue.

And it’s not just the school that is affected.

“It is my understanding it is also affecting residential and business customers throughout the area,” Paula Hans, spokeswoman for Douglas County School District, told 9NEWS in an email.

All buildings have an emergency line that is still operational, and cell service is unaffected, Hans said. School is continuing as more or less normal, just with no web access for students and staff.

Brandon Yergey, spokesman for CenturyLink, said in an email that the interruption is from a fiber cut by a third party contractor. Technicians are fixing the issue as fast as they can.