With creepy clown sightings reported in more than 20 states across the country, there’s one place you won’t be seeing the scary costume or any clown costumes: Denver Public Schools.

“To ensure the safety of our students, Denver Public Schools is banning all clown costumes from our school premises this Halloween season,” said DPS Media Relations Manager Alex Renteria.

The school sent a letter home with students, letting parents know not to send their children to school in any clown costumes.

“Proactively, we have sent out letters to all of our families in multiple languages to let them know that no clown costumes will be allowed on campuses this Halloween season,” Renteria said.

Across the country, there have been reports of creepy-looking clowns doing everything from trying to lure children into the wood to chasing people with chainsaws and even hanging on the back of buses. Some of the clown cases involve threats against schools.

“Thankfully, we have not received any at Denver Public Schools,” Renteria said.

Nevertheless, the school district still felt the need to implement the ban.

“Safety is a top priority at Denver Public Schools," Renteria said. "So if banning clown costumes is what it’s going to take to first of all make our families feel safe and our students feel safe, that’s something we’re ok with doing.”

If students show up in a clown costume, the district is allowing individual school principals decide what to do with that student, whether it be asking him or her to change clothes or taking some other course of action.

9NEWS checked with other school districts. As of Tuesday morning, the Brighton 27j School District had also banned clown costumes. Representatives with Jefferson County and Douglas County tell 9NEWS they’re leaving the decision on costume bans up to individual school principals.

Renteria says that, while DPS has always banned items like toy weapons at schools, this is the first time in her recollection that the district has ever banned a particular costume.

“We’re hoping not to see any clown costumes,” she said.