Shaun MacGillivray believes that engineering has had an impact on our world that extends beyond just buildings and bridges.

"The film reveals that engineering has at its core far more than math and science; it is just as much about getting creative, about helping people and even carving out our human destiny," MacGillivray said.

Dream Big 3D opens Friday at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, kicking off with a soldout event with an introduction from Avery Bang, a civil engineer and the CEO of Bridges to Prosperity.

The goal of Dream Big 3D is to transform how viewers think about the E in STEM, which stands for engineering.

Avery Bang is one of the engineers featured in the film. Her organization has built over 200 footbridges in countries in need of assistance. Bang has a local tie, as a graduate of the University of Colorado.

Video and interviews in Dream Big 3D were shot around the globe, featuring destinations like the Great Wall of China and Shanghai Tower. Solar cars and underwater robots are featured to engage kids in the possibilities of a career in engineering.

Dream Big 3D celebrates the engineers who have shaped our world, who also inspire kids to seek a career in engineering.

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